Family Support Group meeting, 5th February 2022

WDS held another Family Support Group meeting in February where sons and daughters of our Café visitors came to work with us to support their parent, some from quite a distance away. The theme of the meeting was the importance of stimulation and meaningful activities to enhance a sense of wellbeing. Sadly, many people living with dementia find they are unable to take part in their normal activities and hobbies and spend too much time doing very little. In fact, many people living with dementia are capable of taking part in many of their previous activities, sports and pastimes if they are given a little help, usually in the form of tactful supervision and prompts. Many of our visitors are able to do things like play golf, go fishing or take regular country walks once they find a companion to go with them. Others have rediscovered their enthusiasm for sewing, music, gardening or cooking, if someone is able to remind them what order to do things or how to work a machine. Others will join in new activities like dominoes, painting or jigsaws, particularly if grandchildren do this with them.

These activities help people with dementia to feel more engaged with life and help them have a sense of achievement and purpose. Working with a companion fosters vital communication with others and promotes feelings of self-esteem and contentment.

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