Committee members

Click on a committee member’s picture to understand their role within Wendover Dementia Support and why they became involved.

Dr Pippa Moreton (Chair)

Sally Blackden

Sian Chattle

Bob Duggan

Carmen James

Jamie Chant

Martin Thomas

Christopher Trower

Wendy Trower


Click on a volunteer’s picture to read their story and why they’re passionate about helping Wendover Dementia Support.

Cheryl Akeroyd

Bridget Avery

Sara Boussofiane

Mandy Campbell

Sylvia Oram

Carol Chapman

Karen Clare

Jill Findlay

Rita Fryer

Jane Glithero

Ginette Hampton

Maggie Haywood

Mary Heathcote-Smith

Marian Louis

Chloe Mills

Jenny Morris

Rosie Partner

Liz Pringle

Jennie Smith

Rev’d Robert Wright

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